Work With Me

Do you wish to work with me and pay the safe way and the better way for both of us?

Do you need high quality recordings for your projects?

I prefer to work via Upwork for many reasons, I am a top rated freelancer on Upwork since 2016, and its Payment system is preferred, and more beneficial too.

If you already have upwork client account, Please invite me here.

If you still don’t have a client account on Upwork, please sign up here; FROM THIS LINK I CAN WORK WITH YOU ON UPWORK AND PAY NO FEES TO THE PLATFORM IF YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT.

BUT, if you do not wish to use Upwork at all,

You may pay via Payoneer with any credit or debit card, via an invoice.

You may pay with Western Union.

And lastly and least preferable, PayPal.


It is so easy to work with me 😀

Send your inquiries at:

Looking forward to working with you soon!

Arwa Khawaja

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